Alien Army

DIY Light Box

So, I made a light box to take shots of Alien Army and I’m not sure it’s working out as I planned.  I can’t seem to get the light quite right.  I’m definitely not giving up, but slightly frustrated none the less.  Anyone have any tips?  Does anyone even read this?  Hello?  Are you there(…)

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Everyone’s Doing It

Since my obsession has reached gargantuan proportions, in order to leave our home, you have to make Alien Army.  Some resist more than others.  Most find out they want to make more than one.  As was the case here, with my cousin Ted.  He busted out with FOUR new Alien Army recruits taking us to(…)

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Sculpey Necklace with an Out of this World Twist

I admit, I did get bored for like a second the other night while making Alien Army.  I just needed to switch it up for a minute so I got out a skewer and turned some of my dudes into beads.  The result is pretty fab.  I can’t wait to wear this the first week(…)

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Alien Army Has Taken Over My Life

I just don’t really want to do anything else.  It’s too awesome making these guys.  So in between being a wife, a friend, a teacher, and blogger, I am ferociously creating Alien Army dudes till midnight almost every night.  Is that normal? Does it matter?  NO.  I must go on. Besides, I want to have(…)

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Sculpey Hamsas and Aliens (again)

If you’re over the whole Alien Nation thing, come back tomorrow, because when I got to Art Camp yesterday, the kids had been working on it all morning before I even arrived! They even made up names, which I can’t wait to do for my Alien Army. So when we were done, I got them(…)

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Alien Army Takes Over Summer Camp

So, I had all these great plans for camp yesterday, including… this cool drum stick monster And this sculpey hamsa But instead, all they wanted to do was this! Which lead me to this, until about midnight last night. Meet the new recruits. We’re up to 72.  New goal-200.  Obsessed!

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Alien Army-55 New Recruits for Active Duty

It was a busy weekend here at the Cherry house.  We have enlisted a total of 55 new recruits to Alien Army 1st Infantry. Our chief squad in the Chain of Command (clearly I am going to have to brush up on my army lingo) Here’s the squad with several generals and first sergeant ________.(…)

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Meri Cherry

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