Old School Gel Glue Batik Technique

These tees came out totally retro.  I totally rocked something so close to the rainbow one when I was five.  I’ll have to find a photo.  I plan to do this for art camp tomorrow.  It’s so super easy.  Just get some Washable Elmer’s School Glue Gel and do any design you want on a(…)

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Evan! My Handy Husband

Ev says he’s doing the Artist’s Way too, though he doesn’t do any morning pages, nor go on any artist dates, or read any of the chapters?  Hmm…Well, regardless, it’s rubbing off because yesterday while watching Moonstruck I looked out the window and found him doing THIS! And now it looks like THIS!  Very zen.(…)

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Alien Box Collection

I’m not really sure about this project yet.  It def needs some perfecting.  I had some gift boxes lying around the house.  I took one, decorated it with gold paper and felt in the shape of an alien and then accordioned some white paper and glued it into the box.  On each panel I created a(…)

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Non-Stop Felt Ball Obsession

Once I started with the felt balls, I pretty much couldn’t stop, with the exception of Elvis style eating binges, which I finally got under control yesterday.  Thank goodness.  Weight Watcher meeting coming soon.  Anyway, at first I was doing the felt balls in the kitchen sink, but this weekend Ev and I visited my(…)

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Ev Made Felt Balls with Me!

See, this is why my husband rules.  He just gets right in there with me.  I’ve been wanting to make felt balls for months.  I had seen a few posts about it here and here and wanted to try it myself.  I had ordered some roving on SarasTextureCrafts and it’s been sitting in my studio(…)

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I Miss My Kindergartners

It’s summer and I was cleaning out my studio.  I came across these cards my kindergartners made me when I returned from my honeymoon.  It originally said “We missed u Meri Cherry,” but I can’t find the We Missed U part.  If your name is going to be Meri Cherry, kindergartners are definitely the right(…)

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Meri Cherry

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