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ART CAMP 2010 and Beyond…

Here is the final stage of our Space Shuttles.  They came out pretty awesome. Jonas, age 5 And here are the kids Out of this World Wonder Wheels. And of course, we can’t forget this little dude by Dexter, age 6.  You can see the alien puppet tutorial here. And this one, by Vivian, age 6(…)

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Joel is Genius-Paperclip Pickup Game

It’s just so inspiring to me that someone is able to create such simple, imaginative, and open-ended projects time after time.  I’ve been following Made By Joel for some time now and he never ceases to amaze me.  So while I was waiting around for a conference call this morning, I made Joel’s most recent(…)

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Alien Puppets

I’m psyched to make these alien puppets in art camp tomorrow.  I know the kids will outdo my little guys here. Materials-card stock (I reused some old folders), duct tape, brads, puffy paint, dowel, ribbons if desired 1. Cover card stock with duct tape.  Draw your alien parts and cut out. 2.  Hole punch spots(…)

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Alien Wonder Wheel

I’ve been wanting to do this project for months.  I found it in Todd Oldham’s amazing book KID MADE MODERN.  Highly recommend!   The Wonder Wheel is inspired by Ray and Charles Eames work.  I added a little Out of this World Alien flavor and voila!  I great art display for all your kids goodies.(…)

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Now THIS was Fun-Sculpey Aliens and Duct Tape Space Ships

We started out Art Camp this morning with the batik t-shirts.  We did phase 1, drawing the picture with glue.  It was fun, but with young kids, multiple step projects lose a little bit in the excitement area.  They always ask the inevitable “Can we take this home today??!!”  So after phase 1 I brought(…)

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ART SUMMER 2010-Aliens and Robots

Talia, age 9.  Jonas, age 5.  Kendra, age 8.  Lucy, age 5. Art Summer 2010 is in full swing.  This morning I had a really great group of kids.  They didn’t want to stop!  Here are some examples of their work.  They really had fun.  It was great. Kendra, age 9 This robot is especially cool.(…)

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Old School Gel Glue Batik Technique

These tees came out totally retro.  I totally rocked something so close to the rainbow one when I was five.  I’ll have to find a photo.  I plan to do this for art camp tomorrow.  It’s so super easy.  Just get some Washable Elmer’s School Glue Gel and do any design you want on a(…)

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