Non-Stop Felt Ball Obsession

Once I started with the felt balls, I pretty much couldn’t stop, with the exception of Elvis style eating binges, which I finally got under control yesterday.  Thank goodness.  Weight Watcher meeting coming soon.  Anyway, at first I was doing the felt balls in the kitchen sink, but this weekend Ev and I visited my(…)

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Ev Made Felt Balls with Me!

See, this is why my husband rules.  He just gets right in there with me.  I’ve been wanting to make felt balls for months.  I had seen a few posts about it here and here and wanted to try it myself.  I had ordered some roving on SarasTextureCrafts and it’s been sitting in my studio(…)

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I Miss My Kindergartners

It’s summer and I was cleaning out my studio.  I came across these cards my kindergartners made me when I returned from my honeymoon.  It originally said “We missed u Meri Cherry,” but I can’t find the We Missed U part.  If your name is going to be Meri Cherry, kindergartners are definitely the right(…)

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Who knew salt dough was so easy?

I saw a post by amazing art blogger MaryMaking not too long ago on how to make salt dough.  She had made the dough for a whacky fish project.  I have adapted the project for an “Out of this World” inspiration.  Before I did it with the kids, I wanted to test it out.  A few years(…)

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Mr. Roboto

I start teaching an “Out of this World” Summer Camp on Monday, so I’ve been collecting ideas for the past few months in preparation.  I found this great alien/monster idea on Craft Jr. that I played around with this afternoon.  Here is the result.  It was really fun, especially taking all the photos.  Instead of(…)

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My Husband RULES!

I came home to find THIS done to our kitchen cabinets!  HE CLEANED THEM ALL!!!!! And now we can show off our new china pattern properly like this; And to top it all off he picked lemons from our lemon tree and put them on the dining room table. I love you Ev.

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France Is No Freakin Joke

LOOK AT THESE PASTRIES!!!!!!  Are you kidding me?  I nearly had a heart attack when we walked in to this macaroon shop in Cannes.  The color, the texture, the taste!  I’m so sorry I don’t remember the name.  Oy.  Let’s just call it Heaven on Earth. I just found the name online.  It’s called Jean(…)

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Meri Cherry

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